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Rib Rental 8mt

Rent rib 8 m

Rent this rib from 500€

Inflatable Boat Hire Porto Rotondo With And Without Licence

With or without skipper

If you do not have a licence, hire a dinghy with a skipper

With licence

Possession of a boating licence or the presence of our skippers is required for hire

Ideal for families and groups

The maximum number of passengers on board is 12 (or 11+1 skipper)

Admitted animals

Animals are welcome

Boat for hire 8 metres


hull: Sea Water
length: 8 m
engine: Honda 250 hp
passengers: max. 12

What is included

Not included

Ask for availability

Where we are

Alpamarine boat, dinghy and excursion hire is located at Porto Rotondo on the harbour promenade


Alpamarine Inflatable Boat and Boat Rental Porto Rotondo

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